What is NEXIS?

NEXIS is a student-run team of undergraduate and graduate students at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool). Every year, our members explore emerging technologies through innovative and collaborative research projects to develop real business applications. Throughout this process, these students have the opportunity to grow skills such as project management, research, design thinking and more. We are also an active part of the Syracuse community by hosting and participating in workshops, hackathons, and other events.


Our Mentality

Be Curious

Ask more questions. Learn new skills and topics. Explore industries and technologies to make new discoveries.

Be Innovative

Look at problems from new perspectives. Find creative solutions using an empathic and user-focused approach.

Be Collaborative

Leverage your peers' strengths and knowledge to succeed. Be open to new perspectives.

Our Project Process

Explore. Ideate. Develop.

Our project model utilizes¬†IDEO‘s design-thinking approach to encourage creativity and innovation. Driven by curiosity, we ask deep questions while focusing on an empathic, user-focused design to solve problems in real industries. We remove boundaries by allowing for open-ended exploration and encouraging failure.¬†


Phase 1

Our members explore emerging technologies: How does it work? How is it currently being used in real industries? What problems currently exist? We focus on a user-focused approach while removing boundaries to allow for free thinking and curiosity.

IDEO ideation


Phase 2.

NEXIS students will ideate different potential applications. They ask 'What if?' and 'What Wows' and focus on an empathic approach to potential solutions. By encouraging failure, students rapidly come up with ideas through ideation exercises such as mind-mapping and innovation tournaments. Then, they will measure each application's disruptiveness and feasibility to select one final idea.



Phase 3

In the last phase of the project, our members will develop a minimum viable product for their final application. In order to accomplish this phase, our members implement agile project management, learn new technical skills, and work collaboratively.



At the end of each semester, NEXIS members 'pitch out' their projects to the iSchool Dean, faculty, and students. Using the GE Pitchout style, students develop a 1-slide, 5-minute pitch to share their project to potential stakeholders.

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