Our Mission

“The pursuit of collaborative research in the spirit of student driven discovery and innovation in the information field”

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``The Pursuit Of``

Above all, our members pursue new accomplishments through their projects. As a result, whether they are learning a new skill or starting an entrepreneurial venture, members grow and develop with their projects.


NEXIS members collaborate in teams and utilize expert guidance from faculty, other organizations and industry leaders.


NEXIS projects explore emerging technologies through research into their current real-world applications and possibilities.

``in the spirit of``

Our members develop their projects while being motivated by discovery and innovation.


NEXIS is run by students, for students. NEXIS's success derives from the passion and motivation of our students.


By exploring new technologies and their opportunities, our members discover new ideas and real-world opportunities.


NEXIS members utilize design thinking and creativity to develop innovative new applications for emerging technologies.

``Information Field``

While we focus on the Information Field, our members combine their passions in different industries with technology to develop real-world applications.

Emerging Technologies

Developing innovative real-world applications utilizing different emerging technologies

Collaborative Research

Work with other students, faculty, and organizations across Syracuse and other Universities

Accelerated Learning

Utilizing accelerated learning tracks and expert advice to explore and develop new skills

Fostering Student Growth

Preparing Students For Future Careers

Sparking Innovation in Students to

Start Entrepreneurial Ventures

The World is Waiting to be Discovered.


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